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Make Me! – DIY Bottle Boat for imaginative adventures in the bath or a paddling pool

A perfect summer craft for you to create with your kids.

By Michelle McInerney of, brand ambassador for fab® Ice Cream’s new Sprinkles of Imagination campaign.

Turn your empty shampoo bottles into small colorful sailboats or pirate ships for fun and imaginative play. ??

Another fun and do-able craft made with everyday materials from around the house. Be prepared for hours of fun with the children, because when you have finished, they will have a toy to play with!

Materials you need to make bottle boats with your children

  • empty shampoo bottle, or similar
  • Stick, skewer or chopstick for the mast
  • paint for the hull (acrylic paint is better than poster paint)
  • scrap of fabric or paper for the sail
  • duct tape (might be the only thing you have to buy!)
  • clear craft varnish or household varnish to seal in the paint

Step 1

Pierce a hole in the platic bottle for the mast, it is best make the hole smaller than the diameter of the stick so it sweezes in tight, noone wants a wiggy mast!

Step 2

Gather your bottle, brushes and paint and decorate the bottle/hull – acrylic paint will give you stronger colours than poster paint, and will require one/two coats max!!

We painted our boat to look like a floating ice lolly, with yummy fun sprinkles, but why not leave out a few different colours of paints an open invitation to create…

Tip: When the paint is dry cover the paint with one coat of clear craft varnish or clear household varnish to project the paint from flaking off in water.

Step 3

For the sail cut your fabric scrap or patterned paper into a triangle – you need two pieces so you have pattern at both sides of the sail. Tape it around the edges with duct tape…. the no sew way!

Snip a hole in the corner and slot in the mast stick


You have a cute and floatable bottle boat to make bathtime even more fun… or for added enjoyment in the paddling pool this summer.

Sprinkles Of Imagination

Time to set sail for the high seas and grand adventure with a few little wine cork sailors onboard xx